Teaching Methods and Lecture Design (2tägig)

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This seminar is held in English and particularly designed to meet the practical challenge teaching multi-cultural student groups. It focuses on the contemporary skills and techniques of how to plan and conduct lectures, seminars or workshops in an Anglo-American fashion. Creative and innovative teaching and learning methods such as the ‘4 MAT Design’ by Bernice McCarthy, the Harvard concept of ‘Conversational Teaching’ or the research results ‘What Best College Teachers Do’ by Ken Bain will be discussed.

The objective is to achieve better educational results for students and lecturers alike. It will enable you to present your teaching material and research results in an attractive stylistical and visual manner, to motivate active cooperation and open discussions in the
class room and turn your courses into a dynamic learning experience.

Beside the theoretical aspects of the topic, participants will be involved in numerous practical exercises and team sessions and will get in-depth feedback on their development during the seminar.


Participants will learn to:

  • present complex subjects clearly, concisely and persuasively
  • structure lectures and seminars to gain maximum result
  • use both common and high-tech media effectively
  • create a flexible, open minded teaching and learning atmosphere
  • be witty and entertaining
  • enhance their self-confidence teaching in English


Speaker CV  Alexander von Reumont, Trainer and Lecturer in English Rhetoric and Communication Techniques, Berlin


Maximum number of participants is 12.

The price includes workshop materials, lunch and drinks.

If participation fees are not covered by the university, you may be able to deduct them yourself as income-related expenses or business expenses for tax purposes.

Evaluation 2023 Seminarnote 2,0

Programm zur Veranstaltung (pdf) Event program (pdf)

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